"We are devoted to bringing high quality, compassionate dental hygiene care to elderly individuals throughout the Denver, Colorado metro area and also communities such as Boulder, Louisville, and Castlerock. Contact us today!"


Regular professional dental hygiene care is important at any age, but especially as we grow older and more susceptible to developing certain oral diseases and conditions, including tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer.  We provide exceptional mobile dental hygiene services to clients with a with a wide range of needs, from those who are active and healthy, to individuals with special needs such as MS, Alzheimer’s disease or hospice care.  Despite our name, we serve clients of all ages who have difficulty accessing traditional dental care.  Whether your special family member lives in a skilled nursing facility, assisted living, or at home, we will travel to their place of residence to provide professional dental hygiene services.

We would love to answer your questions, help you set up an appointment, or help you connect to the right source of care.