About Us

We provide quality, personalized dental hygiene care for clients living in long-term care facilities. Healthy teeth and gums can make a big difference in the quality of life for aged and medically compromised individuals, affecting simple functions such as talking, chewing and smiling.  We understand that knowing what care is best for your loved one can be difficult, and our goal is to work with you to help your special family member maintain their dignity and self-respect and to promote their best quality of life.

Currently, our hygienists provide care to clients in Colorado at over 50 long-term care facilities and private homes throughout the Denver metro area--including Boulder, Louisville, and Castlerock.

Brief History

Gina Jiannetti

Known to friends as the pioneer woman’, Gina Jiannetti was the first Colorado hygienist to address the dental needs of seniors living in skilled nursing facilities. Gina became the contract hygienist for a Denver nursing facility in 1986, followed by others over the next several years.  The oral health needs of seniors in long term care became even more apparent to Gina as she witnessed her own father suffer oral side effects of cancer treatments in 1990. Additionally, Gina’s mother also required long term care following a tragic accident in 2002. 

"Providing personalized, quality oral health care is a passion for Gina, driven by her desire to improve the quality of life for seniors."

Her personal experiences with her father’s battle against cancer and her mother’s long term care needs accentuates her compassion for the elderly, and for those suffering with chronic conditions.  Through her own experiences with her parents, Gina understands the difficult decisions and emotional strains families face in making decisions about their loved ones’ care.