"Taking care of an elderly parent requires not just special services but a caring provider. Gina Jiannetti, our mom's dental care provider, is such a provider. Gina provides our mom with quality dental care and a demeanor that makes mom happy to see her and very comfortable with the procedure being performed. We are grateful for a professional like Gina. She keeps our family informed about the state of mom's care and the plans for upcoming dental treatments. Gina is friendly and very skilled at what she does. Our family recommends Gina to anyone concerned about providing quality dental care for a family member involved in elder care." 

 ~Larry Chassen and family


"Gina Jiannetti and her team have been working with my residents in the Reminiscence Neighborhood and now in the Assisted Living Neighborhood for more than three years.  She has shown professionalism, detailed work and good organization in caring for the residents who have been under her care for dental hygiene services.

Gina has never failed to call me ahead of time to inform me of any appointments made for my residents, according to our needs, and schedule of the family members.  She is good about contacting family members to see if they would like to be present during the procedure.  I have found Gina to be very informative, and easy to work with.  She has great follow up.  She leaves detailed instructions on proper hygiene care.  Due to her great services to my residents at my home, the residents and their family members can spend more quality time with each other.

Gina has been a great asset to have in our community.  I would highly recommend Gina with her team to anyone in need of great, professional dental hygiene service."

~Rebika Shrestha
  Assisted Living Coordinator
  Sunrise Assisted Living in Boulder


"I have worked on a professional level with Gina Jiannetti for approximately six years.  During this time, I have found her to be quite efficient as well as competent.  She works with staff on an on-going basis to train them both individually and as a group on dental hygiene techniques and pertinent issues facing the elderly.  Gina is an effective communicator with residents and their families.

Most importantly, Gina and her staff are compassionate and gentle with our residents, and they can be great advocates, too!

It is with great pleasure I recommend Gina Jiannetti!"

~Janelle Womack
  Social Services Director
  Emeritus at Green Mountain


"I have had the pleasure of working with the members of Geriatric Dental Hygiene Services for over two years now, and am astounded at the overall professionalism and high quality of work provided. They are the primary provider of hygiene services for our residents and I can say with confidence this relationship will continue for a long time to come.

Gina Jiannetti and fellow colleagues of Geriatric Dental Hygiene Services, especially Kathy, respond to the needs of our nursing home residents as well as staff and never hesitate to go the extra mile in assuring that excellent care is delivered. I am always pleased to hear the positive feedback from family members of our residents, mentioning how impressed they are with the hygiene care that Kathy produces.

Communication is so important, especially in the long-term care environment, and Geriatric Dental Hygiene Services values that. On almost a weekly basis I speak with Gina, foundress of Geriatric Dental Hygiene Services, communicating the results of prior dental treatments and making arrangements for those residents to be seen. It is apparent that she has an immense passion for the work she does and it is reflected in her dealings with our organization. I can always count on Geriatric Dental Hygiene Services and know that they will give us their all every time."

  Director of Social Services
  Aspen Siesta Nursing Center


"This letter is being written to express my satisfaction with the services provided by Gina Jiannetti, B.S., R.D.H., in the oral care of my father.  The services are always provided in a professional manner within predetermined time constraints within the adult care facility. 

Their patience and compassion for the residents is the best,  Gina always takes the time to call and keep me informed of how the appointment went and what my father's need with be.  They are an excellent group to work with, and the always exceed my expectations.  I know my father is in good hands when Gina is handling his request."

~Susan Quist


"The Argyle has been pleased to have Gina Jiannetti’s Geriatric Dental Hygiene Services in place for our residents who have a difficult time going to a dentist in the community.  I personally have been working with Gina and her group for over seven years in different facilities and have always had courteous, caring and compassionate hygienists from Geriatric Dental Hygiene Services.

Geriatric Dental Hygiene Services is organized and efficient and always considers the residentsschedule and preferences, whether it is waiting for a time that works well for the family to be present if needed or letting the staff know when the hygienist will be visiting.  The hygienists are most concerned with the residents being comfortable during care.  There is always a follow-up call to let staff and families know what the outcome of the visit was and how to best proceed with necessary dental care or hygiene concerns.

Gina’s group also provides 1:1 training for staff on geriatric hygiene issues and how best to provide proper dental care to residents.  As we are too aware, difficult residents require special attention, and learning techniques to help the staff best provide dental care is key in overall health and wellness.

I would recommend Geriatric Dental Hygiene Services to any family or resident who is needing dental care.  I find that my residents at The Argyle are satisfied with the services they receive and the professionalism of the hygienists that visit our building."

~Jennifer Smith
  Director of Resident Services
  The Argyle Community


"As our family has continued to care for mom, we have been exceptionally grateful for the dental services provided by Gina Jiannetti. Gina has provided both the continuous care mom has needed but also consistent family feedback as to what services she will need coming up and how to plan for them. Mom is always glad to see Gina, making her dental care visit a positive experience. We heartily recommend Gina to others who have family members in an elder care situation.She is the best!"
 ~Larry Chassen and family


"Your work ideas and what you offer to our community is unique and extraordinary. For 10 years beginning in NY I had a dream that I could find home care dental care for my Mom who suffered a major stroke 13 years ago. Why did I want home care dental services? Because Mom screamed in outside dental offices  and scared the folks in the office and nothing got done for her around her care. Finding Gina and your company has made all the difference to me, my family and my Mom. Mom and I now look forward to the hygiene and dental visits and Gina's services have made my life so much happier and joyful. I recommend Gina's program and services to all families who have someone in their family that struggles from a disability and needs home care. Our family is forever grateful to Gina for her creating such an outstanding organization and idea. It comes out of her heart and personal experience with her own family. It is a win win for our community."